Sunday, 20 August 2017

On my (new) soapbox!

Can it really be over a year since I last wrote in my soap diary? It seems so. However, there's nothing like a new soap mould to kick things off again.

I found this lovely pine box, complete with liner and lid on Amazon. It was a snip and is just super as it provides its own insulation and the soap behaves amazingly well!

Yesterday I made a batch of what is fast becoming a favourite of mine - Sandalwood & Geranium; this is a lovely soap and in addition to the geranium and sandalwood essential oils I've also added some ylang ylang which gives it a spicy oriental note.

I've added a little colour to this and some gold mica to the top and it reminds me of an exotic ice cream dessert.

The silicone liner ensures a neat removal of the soap block...

So all that's left to do is to slice it up...

Then arrange them on a tray and leave to cure for 4 weeks...

Patience is a virtue!

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