Sunday, 19 May 2013

NEW...NEW...NEW...Online Shop

At last! I have now added an online shop to my website. It's well overdue.

With the development of the creams and balms it's been an exciting time of late but I've not neglected the soaps and I continue to experiment with different oils and fragrances. The seed oils have been a revelation, both rosehip and pomegranate and these are especially good in skin creams where none of the therapeutic properties are lost.

I've also discovered the marvellous benefits of safflower oil - particularly in balms and creams. Safflower oil (from seeds of the safflower plant) contains a natural emollient which means that when applied to the skin (in a cream or balm) it will help the skin retain its moisture. As such, it's particularly beneficial in lip balms. It's also a great ingredient for skin creams and will suit dry and mature skin in particular. I'm presently working on a new moisturiser incorporating safflower oil and the early results are good. Speaking personally I've found it's a makes a gentle cream with a velvety feel and you can almost feel that its keeping in all the skin's natural moisture. Watch this space!