Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The fig glut!

We are fortunate enough to have a very mature fig tree in our garden. It's been here for years, since we moved here in fact, and most years has given us a glorious crop of what I think are 'Brown Turkey' figs although I stand to be corrected as to the variety. These are the latest pickings...

Having run out of people to give these short shelf-life beauties to I decided to investigate their use in soap! To my surprise figs are highly valued as a soap ingredient and when teamed with honey they act as a 'humectant' which attracts moisture to the skin, whilst the seeds make a great exfoliant.

I've made a batch this morning using an olive oil base and a high proportion of shea butter. I was interested to see that when adding the pulped fig and honey it has turned the soap a gorgeous orange colour.

However, previous experience tells me that this may well fade as the soap cures and I'll have a better idea when I unmould it tomorrow. So......watch this space!

3 days later....

It's unmoulded and cut. It looks and smells gorgeous. It has faded in colour as I expected but has an appealing look and has far exceeded my expectations largely due to the fact that when adding 'botanicals' to soap, the saponification process so often results in a rather grey unattractive bar.

Now I have to wait four weeks before I can test it!!!