Saturday, 4 May 2019

A year in Shropshire - celebrating with a bang!

To be strictly truthful we've been in Shropshire for 18 months but today marks a full year since we've been in lovely St Martins. Yesterday I felt I needed to make a new soap to celebrate and was inspired by Dan's passion for green tea - Gunpowder Tea to be exact! I recorded the making process and here it is...

Mixing the tea infusion with the hard oils.

For some reason, tea always turns the lye mixture brown. However, it lightens once the soft oils are added and still further as it emulsifies. Next I added the wheatgrass powder.

And gave it a quick whizz with the food processor.

 I added essential oils of tea Tree, basil and Juniper...and poured...

I could tell immediately that this will be a nice soap, it has a sort of silky bloom. It's quite a soft bar at the moment so will need 4 or 5 weeks curing time.
I've unmoulded it but not cut it yet, I'll give it another 24 hours.

It looks lovely, smells gorgeous and I'm super excited about my new Gunpowder Tea with Wheatgrass!
Happy Shropshire Soaping.