Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lavender Time Again

It's the time of year when I make my annual pilgrimage to the fabulous Mayfield Lavender Fields in Carshalton. This glorious suffusion of smell and colour almost takes my breath away.

Mayfield Lavender, Carshalton, Surrey.
I always treat myself to a bottle of their essential oil. They grow three varieties, last year I bought Grosso, this year I chose Folgate and I can't wait to use it.
As a rule I don't put it into my soap as this home-grown oil is so expensive that I feel it's a waste. Instead I save it for use in hand creams, lotions and of course my Perchance Sleep Balm.

Along with the locally sourced lavender essential oil I add essential oils of bergamot, frankincense and melissa which is the oil of lemon balm. 
Sweet Lavender Dreams!

In the same vein, I've today made some Lavender Calming Balm. This is 'bliss' in a pocket-sized tin. Along with the Folgate lavender essential oil I've also added a few drops or rose absolute. Definitely helpful for those stressful moments.