Saturday, 2 November 2013

Tilly Mint comes to town!

Meet Tilly Mint and her new range...or box of tricks as she prefers to call it.

And Tilly Mint herself...

Perhaps I should explain to non-Northerners. Tilly Mint is simply a term of endearment, probably originating in Liverpool which is where I grew up and was called Tilly Mint most of the time by my Father! I didn't really give it much of a thought and went on to call my own daughter, and now my grand-daughter, Tilly Mint - at various times.

When I came across this image on a vintage postcard Tilly Mint sprang immediately to mind - I know not why!

So there you have it and Tilly now has her own range....and box of tricks!

And thanks to the photo editing skills of my clever cousin Philip, Tilly now has her own beach!

Wish you were here?

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